Net Zero New Zealand: The Emissions Workshop is a one-day conference held in person and online, 2 December 2021.  It empowers change makers with the knowledge, tools and connections they need to help lower their organisations net emissions, attracting delegates from both private and public sectors. Sign up for updates from the home page here.


Freeman is an experienced and savvy information services provider to the New Zealand corporate community, established in 2002 by Matt Freeman. It was previously known as Freeman Media.

It specialises in online subscription news and information services for specific business sectors, publishing a range of reports and maps, and running industry events.

Energy News was established in 2008 – a subscription-based news and information website for the New Zealand energy sector. Energy News has carved out a niche as the trusted source of New Zealand energy sector news and information.

In September 2013, Freeman launched into the mining and quarrying sectors with the publication of Inside Resources, an online subscription-based web service, using the same formula as Energy News. 

In 2020 it acquired Capital Letter – New Zealand's review of administration, legislation and law. This publication provides court judgment summaries from the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. It also provides updates on legislation, statutory reviews and general reviews. 

Events run within the energy and, mining and quarrying sectors include the New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards, Downstream, Energy Resources Taranaki Forum, Emissions Workshop and Energy Trader Forum. 

Freeman also publishes six large, detailed industry maps, which provide an in-depth picture of the different sectors the company works with. Titles include Minerals Exploration and Mining, Petroleum Exploration and Mining, North Island Quarries, South Island Quarries, Energy Infrastructure and Smart Energy Technology. 

Launched in 2012, the annual KrakenFlex Electricity Survey, currently sponsored by Octopus Energy, polls the electricity industry on key trends, opportunities and challenges. In 2019 over 500 participants took part in the survey, and the results are widely used to inform strategic business decisions.

Freeman’s emissions profile

As a niche industry information and events organisation, Freeman is working to lower its own emissions profile and assist other organisations on the path towards a lower carbon future.

First and foremost Freeman is a digital publisher preferring this medium to hard copy which of course has a reduced impact on the environment.  Our conferences and events have now moved away from hard copy programmes to digital apps.  Within the office we have waste recycling of paper, plastic and cans. We are currently rolling out new in-office technology that is moving closer to a paperless office.

Freeman has strict rules around staff travel. If someone is travelling outside our home base of Wellington they must be in the destination for a full day with back-to-back appointments, to maximise the use of that trip and the high carbon component of air travel. 

As an information services company, we see one of our roles is to promote discussion around sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions. The launch of ‘Net Zero New Zealand: The Emissions Workshop’ is just one way we can do this.  By bringing together leaders from the public and private sector to develop their plans and policies around a lower emissions future we hope to make a big difference.