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This event is run at a time when organisations are maintaining and continuing to execute their low emissions strategies.  An increase in priority for emissions stems from customers, financiers, stakeholders, boards and of course, government with the zero carbon bill, a review of the ETS and the establishment of a climate change commission.

A top level shareholder value issue, all organisational leaders need to understand their emissions profile.  They must continually improve their plans and engage on what they are doing to reduce the emissions associated with their activities.

The event features international experts and local leaders from across New Zealand, including the retail, logistics, councils, food and beverage, iwi, government, finance and energy sectors. 

Topics include:

  • Why reducing your emissions is critical to your organisation’s success
  • The commercial, social and environmental benefits of reducing emissions
  • The link between New Zealand’s brand and international competitiveness
  • The importance to your brand and competitiveness
  • The impact on your cost of capital and emissions-related investment trends
  • Measuring, monitoring and management of emissions
  • Technology and solutions across the supply chain, energy, travel and waste
  • Engaging your customers and stakeholders on your journey
  • Aligning your strategy with your peers and the rest of New Zealand 


20 Oct 2021

A new tool for heavy fleet analysis

Ara Ake has launched a free ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO) tool to help Long-Distance Heavy Freight companies and the public sector better understand the options for decarbonising their road fleet.

It calculates the cost of road freight movements using different fuels for a given freight trip. By using a TCO approach in calculating the different powered fuels per unit, decision-makers...

05 Oct 2021

Education a key enabler to support the transition

The demand for skills for green jobs continues to be driven by environmental change, government policy, technology and markets, which stand the risk of rising unemployment, poverty and inequality. The most prevalent effect of the green transition on employment is the need to reskill or upskill within existing occupations. The right job skills are an essential prerequisite for the transition to...

29 Sep 2021

Sponsorship opportunities

Net Zero New Zealand: The Emissions Workshop is an annual event that educates and connects those looking for practical information on how to reduce emissions. It empowers change makers with the knowledge, tools and connections they need to help lower their organisations’ net emissions, attracting delegates from both the private and public sectors.

The 2021 event will be the fourth...